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whyteboard::gui::canvas::Canvas Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def add_shape
def add_undo
def can_swap_colours
def can_swap_transparency
def capture_mouse
def change_background
def change_colour
def change_cursor
def change_tool
def check_mouse_for_resize
def check_move
def check_resize_direction
def clear
def colour_data
def convert_coords
def delete_selected
def deselect_shape
def do_move
def drag_direction
def draw_shape
def get_dc
def get_mouse_position
def get_selection_bitmap
def is_transparent
def left_double
def left_down
def left_up
def middle_down
def middle_up
def motion
def move_bottom
def move_down
def move_shape
def move_top
def move_up
def on_paint
def on_size
def paste_image
def paste_text
def perform
def redo
def redraw_all
def redraw_dirty
def release_mouse
def resize
def resize_if_large_image
def restore_sheet
def right_up
def select_shape
def select_tool_cursor
def select_tool_cursor_change
def set_border
def set_cursor
def set_resize_cursor
def shape_near_canvas_edge
def show_text_edit_dialog
def swap_colours
def toggle_transparent
def undo

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes


Detailed Description

The drawing frame of the application. References to self.shape.drawing are
for the Polygon tool, mainly avoiding isinstance() checks

Definition at line 66 of file canvas.py.

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