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whyteboard::gui::frame::GUI Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

def __del__
def __init__
def can_change_next_sheet
def capture_mouse
def change_tool
def convert_dialog
def create_sheet_undo_point
def do_bindings
def do_open
def download_help
def export_prompt
def find_help
def get_background_colour
def get_canvases
def get_colour
def get_tab_names
def get_toggle_value
def hotkey
def hotkey_scroll
def load_history_file
def load_recent_files
def make_media_panel
def mark_unsaved
def on_about
def on_background
def on_change_tab
def on_change_tool
def on_clear
def on_clear_all
def on_clear_all_sheets
def on_clear_sheets
def on_close_all_sheets
def on_close_tab
def on_colour_grid
def on_copy
def on_delete_shape
def on_deselect_shape
def on_done_load
def on_drop_tab
def on_end_process
def on_exit
def on_export
def on_export_all
def on_export_pdf
def on_export_pref
def on_feedback
def on_file_history
def on_foreground
def on_fullscreen
def on_help
def on_history
def on_import_pref
def on_move_bottom
def on_move_down
def on_move_top
def on_move_up
def on_new_tab
def on_new_win
def on_next_sheet
def on_open
def on_page_setup
def on_paste
def on_paste_new
def on_pdf_cache
def on_preferences
def on_previous_sheet
def on_print
def on_print_preview
def on_redo
def on_refresh
def on_reload_preferences
def on_rename
def on_report_bug
def on_resize
def on_save
def on_save_as
def on_shape_viewer
def on_statusbar
def on_swap_colours
def on_tool_preview
def on_toolbar
def on_translate
def on_transparent
def on_undo
def on_undo_tab
def on_update
def open_file
def paste_image
def paste_text
def prompt_for_im
def prompt_for_save
def pubsub_change_tool
def release_mouse
def remove_all_sheets
def reset_hotkey
def set_menu_from_config
def shape_add
def shape_popup
def shape_selected
def show_progress_dialog
def show_text_dialog
def show_text_edit_dialog
def tab_popup
def toggle_control
def update_menus
def update_panels

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string title = u"Whyteboard"

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

This class contains a ControlPanel, a Canvas frame and a SidePanel
and manages their layout with a wx.BoxSizer.  A menu, toolbar and associated
event handlers call the appropriate functions of other classes.

Definition at line 70 of file frame.py.

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