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whyteboard::lib::flatnotebook::FlatNotebook Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def AddPage
def AdvanceSelection
def AssignImageList
def DeleteAllPages
def DeletePage
def DoGetBestSize
def EnableTab
def EnsureVisible
def GetActiveTabColour
def GetActiveTabTextColour
def GetAGWWindowStyleFlag
def GetBorderColour
def GetCurrentPage
def GetEnabled
def GetGradientColourBorder
def GetGradientColourFrom
def GetGradientColourTo
def GetImageList
def GetNonActiveTabTextColour
def GetPadding
def GetPage
def GetPageBestSize
def GetPageCount
def GetPageImage
def GetPageIndex
def GetPageShapeAngle
def GetPageText
def GetPageTextColour
def GetPreviousSelection
def GetSelection
def GetTabArea
def GetTabAreaColour
def HasAGWFlag
def Init
def InsertPage
def OnDropTarget
def OnNavigationKey
def RemovePage
def SetActiveTabColour
def SetActiveTabTextColour
def SetAGWWindowStyleFlag
def SetAllPagesShapeAngle
def SetGradientColourBorder
def SetGradientColourFrom
def SetGradientColours
def SetGradientColourTo
def SetImageList
def SetNavigatorIcon
def SetNonActiveTabTextColour
def SetPadding
def SetPageImage
def SetPageShapeAngle
def SetPageText
def SetPageTextColour
def SetRightClickMenu
def SetSelection
def SetTabAreaColour

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

The L{FlatNotebook} is a full implementation of the `wx.Notebook`, and designed to be
a drop-in replacement for `wx.Notebook`. The API functions are similar so one can
expect the function to behave in the same way.

Definition at line 3753 of file flatnotebook.py.

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