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whyteboard::lib::flatnotebook::PageContainer Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def AddPage
def AdvanceSelection
def AssignImageList
def CanFitToScreen
def ClearAGWFlag
def DeleteAllPages
def DeletePage
def DoDeletePage
def DoSetSelection
def DrawDragHint
def EnableTab
def FireEvent
def GetAGWWindowStyleFlag
def GetEnabled
def GetImageList
def GetLastVisibleTab
def GetNumOfVisibleTabs
def GetNumTabsCanScrollLeft
def GetPageCount
def GetPageImage
def GetPageText
def GetPageTextColour
def GetSelection
def GetSingleLineBorderColour
def HasAGWFlag
def HitTest
def InsertPage
def IsDefaultTabs
def IsMouseHovering
def IsTabVisible
def MoveTabPage
def OnDropTarget
def OnEraseBackground
def OnKeyDown
def OnKillFocus
def OnLeftDClick
def OnLeftDown
def OnLeftUp
def OnMiddleDown
def OnMouseEnterWindow
def OnMouseLeave
def OnMouseMove
def OnMouseWheel
def OnPaint
def OnRightDown
def OnSetFocus
def OnSize
def OnTabMenuSelection
def PopupTabsMenu
def RotateLeft
def RotateRight
def SetAGWWindowStyleFlag
def SetFocusedPage
def SetImageList
def SetPageImage
def SetPageText
def SetPageTextColour
def SetSelection
def ShowTabTooltip
def TabHasImage

Private Member Functions

def _ReShow

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

This class acts as a container for the pages you add to L{FlatNotebook}.

Definition at line 4766 of file flatnotebook.py.

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